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WhitePine Senior Deny DarleneWinter MEDS Clonazepam Joel Olson ref

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Clerk of Notice is given as Larry Dease is no longer Clerk of 2nd Judicial and referee is Blocked

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  • Also who is CEO of all White Pine Senior Living 1Nov2014 LEGAL NOTICE To all Government Officials 
    Pursuant to call to White Pine Memory Care re Darlene Winter 651-455-6549 in talking to Manager Pam Sundly in Inver Grove, it may be prudent to have Darlene moved to Assisted Living in Highland Park near her Home at 1113 St. Paul Ave St. Paul,MN AS Ramsey Co is the County of Financial Responsibility.

    FURTHER Darlene is without her Clonazepam for the weekend as Pre Perscribed by her Doctor Aviril (SP) Nelson,
    We are duly concerned for the Health,Safety,Welfare of Widow Darlene Winter, also via the Trade Mark of White Pine Senior Living without the Board of Directors listed etc. 
    PRLLC set up via JOSHIA r.Ward and Jamie Burud of the Jamie L. Burud TEL 952-746-2110 
    Tami J. Carlson TEL 952-460-9254

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    article in The Villager.
    Agency:White Pine Senior Living
    Loc Name:Inver Grove Heights White Pine II
    Location:9058 Buchanon Trl, Inver Grove Heights, MN, 55076-3554 Map
    Phone:(651) 287-0265

    Service Description

    Respite Services are provided to persons unable to care for themselves when a family or primary live-in caregiver is temporarily unavailable.

    Learn more about this service when paid for under the waivers in the Community-Based Services Manual -
    - and the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Provider Manual -

    Respite - - Program Details

    Contact Name: Pam Sundly Phone: (651) 455-6549 FAX: (651) 455-6559. Website: Class F Home Care Provider RN Contact:

    Wed 29Oct2014
    To Pam Sundly Manager of WhitePine Memory Care
    Thank you for your Consideration
    We are duly concerned with the Health,Safety,Welfare of Widow Darlene Winter Homestead 1113 St.Paul Ave.MN 

    This Get Well Card also request that your are taken to Vote for your Ramsey Co. Commissioner Rafael Ortega and who ever you choose next Tues
    that you come to the 
    to our Senior Meeting,
    Ps Darlene Affinant signed up for ucare, are you propertly insured 
    at this time We Miss and Love U

    Further that you have access to a Typewriter and Computer to write letters etc.
    Ps Caption Letica Motherinlaw Patricia was very ill it was only lack of Vit B12
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    Pictured: The City Council has approved the renovation of this former College of Visual Arts build­ing as a luxury hotel. Photo by Brad Stauffer
    26.pdf legislation proposal-2012-09-26.pdf Thanking you in advance We are concerned Citizens in the Health,Safety,Welfare of our Friend Darlene Winter
    Darlene's Homestead at 1113 St. Paul Ave, St.Paul,MN
    Further is appears that Darlene Winter of Sound Mind is not getting her Mail or E Cards via Manager Pam Sundley, Federal OFFENSE.
    Thanking you in Advance
    Sharon and others have standing as Residents of Ramsey County, Memebers of Citadel Sal Army and Sharon current Republican Candidate for www.sharonsenate64.blogspot vs. Dick Cohen to expose Bizzare Committments, Probate Fraud etc.
    PS It does not appear that the newly Constructed White Pine Senior Living in Highland Park at 1925 Graham Ave is NOT ON THE RAMSEY CO. TAX ROLLS. Please take notice of the Web at Google Tyler Tech Minnesota,

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    In a message dated 10/9/2014 8:14:18 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:
    Register of Actions
    Case No. 62-PR-14-696
    Guardianship/Conservatorship of Darlene J. Winter §
    Case Type: Guardianship/Conservatorship
    Subtype: Emergency Guardianship / Conservatorship (GCV)
    Date Filed: 09/11/2014
    Location: - Ramsey Probate Mental Health
    Party Information
    Lead Attorneys
    Petitioner Winter, Barbara Female
    DOB: 02/14/1966
    St. Paul, MN 55119
    Respondent Winter, Darlene J
    DOB: 12/22/1941
    Court Appointed
    St. Paul, MN 55116
    Events & Orders of the Court
    09/11/2014 Petition for Emergency Guardianship/Conservatorship Doc ID# 1

    09/11/2014 Petition for Guardianship/Conservatorship Doc ID# 4

    09/12/2014 Other Document Doc ID# 6

    09/12/2014 Order for Hearing and Notice of Rights Doc ID# 7
    Winter, Darlene J
    Served 09/23/2014
    09/12/2014 Order for Hearing and Notice of Rights Doc ID# 8
    Winter, Darlene J Unserved
    09/15/2014 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 9
    09/15/2014 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 10
    09/15/2014 Affidavit of Publication Doc ID# 11
    09/16/2014 Probate Hearing (2:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Olson,Joel ,)
    Result: Held
    09/17/2014 Order Granting Emergency Guardianship Doc ID# 14 (Judicial Officer: Olson,Joel , )
    09/17/2014 Letters of Emergency Guardianship Doc ID# 15 (Judicial Officer: Olson,Joel , )

    09/29/2014 Amended Petition Doc ID# 16
    09/29/2014 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 17
    09/29/2014 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 18
    09/30/2014 Affidavit of Service Doc ID# 19
    09/30/2014 Visitor's Report Doc ID# 20
    10/06/2014 Correspondence Doc ID# 21
    10/07/2014 Probate Hearing (10:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Olson,Joel ,)
    Result: Held
    10/09/2014 DHS Background Check Doc ID# 22

    02/04/2015 Court Trial (9:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Higgs, David C.)
    Financial Information
    Petitioner Winter, Barbara
    Total Financial Assessment 429.00
    Total Payments and Credits 429.00
    Balance Due as of 10/09/2014 0.00
    09/11/2014 Transaction Assessment 429.00
    09/11/2014 E-File Electronic Payment Receipt # EF62P-2014-00621 Winter, Barbara (429.00) AttorneyProSe_Private AG, ECF 65913 Pacer:sa1299 Tel: 651-776-5835 HEALTH CARE Candidate 2014 MNAG

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