Thursday, December 4, 2014

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Telling a lie is never a good idea because eventually, the truth will come out one way or another. A Department of Justice press release details the story of a Washington woman who attempted to tell a few lies on the witness stand to cover up her scheme to bilk the Social Security Administration (SSA) of more than $50,000. (Telling a lie in front of a Judge is definitely not a good idea.) (Read More) This is a partnership with LexisNexis. The Fraud of the Day is a forum dedicated to educating government about how fraud is perpetrated and the solutions to stop it. When you visit the “Fraud of the Day,” you’ll find Larry’s commentary, links to upcoming events, and resources pertaining to government fraud, as well as video commentary from industry experts.
                          Affiant Sharon Anderson aka PetersonScarrella
takes UMBRAGE with the Perjouris Affidavit of Barbara A. Winter.

  • The court shall provide simplified forms and clerical assistance to help with the writing and filing of a petition under this section and shall advise the petitioner of the right to sue in forma pauperis under section 563.01. The court shall advise the petitioner of the right to request a hearing. If the petitioner does not request a hearing, the court shall advise the petitioner that the respondent may request a hearing and that notice of the hearing date and time will be provided to the petitioner by mail at least five days before the hearing. Upon receipt of the petition and a request for a hearing by the petitioner, the court shall order a hearing. Personal service must be made upon the respondent not less than five days before the hearing. If personal service cannot be completed in time to give the respondent the minimum notice required under this paragraph, the court may set a new hearing date. Nothing in this section shall be construed as requiring a hearing on a matter that has no merit.

    Under Construction Having problems downloading Barbara A. Winter Affidavit,JUDGE

    Robert Aswumb Order and Bruce Beck illegal service via US mails.


    Harassment Court Forms - Minnesota Judicial Branch

    Jump to Restraining Order - ... Petition for Ex Parte Harassment Restraining Order. HAR803, Order Granting Harassment Restraining Order After Hearing.
  • 609.748 - 2014 Minnesota Statutes (2) the sheriff has served respondent with a copy of the temporary restraining order obtained under subdivision 4, and with notice of the right to request a hearing, or service has been made by publication under subdivision 3, paragraph (b); and 

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