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In the Matter Darlene WinterPO62-14-696_HS1113StPaulAveElmer MackSocWorker

            Darlene Winter Member  Senior Group, meets every Tues. Affiant verily alleges that her Sal Sister Darlene Winter mayhave been exploited as a Vunerable Adult via her Daughter Barbara Winter in a Committment.
                 Darlene Winter Ramsey County Homeowner at 1113 St. Paul Ave St. Paul,MN TEL 651-698-1657 DSI 1113 St Paul Ave
St Paul, MN 55116 ‎

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                By information and Belief, talking to Darlene at St. Mary's Mayo Clinic 507-255-5529 Sat.20Sept2014, Darlene stated her Daughter Barbara has POA hereinafter Power of Attorney and that Mon Darlene was to be Transferred to Inver Grove in Dakota County.

                Affiant Next Friend and others are duly concerned that Darlene may be a Vunerable Adult, exploited for Greed, This Published Blog is inquiry for the Concern of possible Heinous Violations of Ramsey Co. Probate Court via Joel Olson Referee Manager Social Worker Elmer Mack  Ramsey Co Defendants Wrongful Death
1997 Elmer Mack has been around a long time.
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Location : - Ramsey Probate Mental HealthHelp

Register of Actions
Case No. 62-PR-14-696
Guardianship/Conservatorship of Darlene J. Winter§

Case Type:Guardianship/Conservatorship
Subtype:Emergency Guardianship / Conservatorship (GCV)
 Date Filed:09/11/2014
Location:- Ramsey Probate Mental Health
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
PetitionerWinter, BarbaraBRUCE L BECK
  St. Paul, MN 55119
RespondentWinter, Darlene J
DOB: 12/22/1941
  Court Appointed
  St. Paul, MN 55116
Events & Orders of the Court
09/11/2014Petition for Emergency Guardianship/Conservatorship       Doc ID# 1
09/11/2014Petition for Guardianship/Conservatorship       Doc ID# 4
09/12/2014Other Document       Doc ID# 6
09/12/2014Order for Hearing and Notice of Rights       Doc ID# 7
Winter, Darlene JUnserved
09/12/2014Order for Hearing and Notice of Rights       Doc ID# 8
Winter, Darlene JUnserved
09/15/2014Affidavit of Service       Doc ID# 9
09/15/2014Affidavit of Service       Doc ID# 10
09/15/2014Affidavit of Publication       Doc ID# 11
09/16/2014Probate Hearing  (2:30 PM) (Judicial Officer Olson,Joel ,)
Result: Held
09/17/2014Order Granting Emergency Guardianship       Doc ID# 14 (Judicial Officer: Olson,Joel , )
09/17/2014Letters of Emergency Guardianship       Doc ID# 15 (Judicial Officer: Olson,Joel , )
10/07/2014Probate Hearing  (10:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Olson,Joel ,)
Financial Information
Petitioner Winter, Barbara
Total Financial Assessment 429.00
Total Payments and Credits 429.00
Balance Due as of 09/21/2014 0.00
09/11/2014Transaction Assessment 429.00
09/11/2014E-File Electronic Payment Receipt # EF62P-2014-00621 Meghan Kelley Mohs, MA, MSW
Director, Ramsey County Community Human Services Department
160 E. Kellogg Blvd., Suite 9800
St. Paul, MN 55101
651.266.4417 Direct
651.266.4439 FAX
Administrative Assistant:
Sue Sutter

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    Star Tribune
    Sep 2, 2014 - His death exposes the failure of a system charged with protecting the youngest ... Fifty-four Minnesota children have died of maltreatment since 2005, ... Pope County's review of the case, completed last month, concluded that ...

 Winter, Barbara (429.00)

Subj: Re: This Week on #OffTheGrid with Jesse Ventura

CDCS environmental modifications and provisions: Services and supports to help people maintain their environment so they can live and participate in the community.

Covered Services

Examples of covered services, supports and/or items include the following:
  • • Adaptive clothing
  • • Assistive technology
  • • Costs associated with

     a fitness or exercise program for adults when the service is necessary and appropriate to treat, maintain or improve a physical condition and monitored by a physician enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care Plan
  • • Environmental supports such as snow removal, lawn care, and heavy cleaning
  • • Home and vehicle modifications
  • • Home-delivered meals
  • • Special diets that a MHCP physician prescribes to relieve the person’s disability and are not available through the Medical Assistance State Plan
  • • Supplies and equipment

  • • Transportation


For assi

stive technology and home and vehicle modifications, the lead agency:
  • • Must make sure that the first $5,000 of costs for modifications or assistive technology come out of a person’s CDCS budget
  • • May authorize funds for assistive technology and modifications within the county’s overall waiver allocation after the first $5,000 has been spent

A person may choose to pay for more assistive technology or modifications from their CDCS budget.

To: "Sharon4Anderson" <>,
Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2014 11:57:56 PM

Subject: Darlene Winter, CADI waiver/grant home care and other alternatives to conservatorship and guardianship

Community Alternati

ves for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waiver: Home and community-based services necessary as an alternative to institutionalization that promote the optimal health, independence, safety and integration of a person who would otherwise require the level of care provided in a nursing facility.

CADI Waiver Eligibility

To be eligible for the CADI Waiver, a person must choose the CADI Waiver and meet all of the following criteria:
1. Eligible for Medical As

sistance (MA).
2. Certified disabled by Social Security or the State Medical Review Team (SMRT) process.
3. Under the age of 65 years at time of opening to the waiver.
4. Determined by the case manager/service coordinator to need nursing facility level of care.
5. Has an assessed need for supports and services over and above those available through the MA St

ate plan.

Nursing Facility Level of Care criteria

To meet the requirements for a Nursing Facility Level of Care DHS-3361 (PDF), a person must demonstratethe need for assistance because of one or more of the following:
  • • Need for restorative and rehabilitative or other special treatment
  • • Unstable health
  • • Need for complex care management
  • • Functional limitation
  • • Existence of complicating conditions
  • • Cognitive or behavioral condition
    • Frailty or vulnerability

CDCS may include services, support and/or items currently available through the MA waivers, as well as additional allowable services that provide needed support to persons.

There are specific requirements for all services, supports and/or items that are available through the MA waivers, including CDCS. In order for services, supports and/or items to be purchased under CDCS, they must:

  • • Be for the sole benefit of the person
  • • Be the least costly alternative that reasonably meets the person’s identified needs
  • • Collectively provide a feasible alternative to an institution
  • • Meet the identified needs and outcomes in the person’s community support plan and assure the health, safety and welfare of the person

If all the above criteria are met, services, supports and/or items are appropriate purchases when they are reasonably necessary to meet the following outcomes:

  • • Decrease dependency on formal support services
  • • Develop or maintain personal, social, physical, or work related skills
  • • Enhance community inclusion and family involvement
  • • Increase independence of the person
  • • Increase the ability of unpaid family members and friends to receive training and education needed to provide support

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